Strategy + Design


Starting with Strategy and Design is always a good idea.

We can ensure that you have the right kind of event, at the right time, targeted to the right audience.
We can clarify your vision and goals so we design to something specific and measurable.
We can create communications and materials that tell your story from the first word published.
We can tie measurements and ROI to the decisions made and decide along the way what needs to be tweaked.

In every way, Strategy and Design makes a better experience for your audience.

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Design + Strategy can be a part of a larger proposal or as a stand-alone consultation.



There are two ways we can work together in the Production Phase:

1/ Production + Logistics

This is for an established team that wants assistance in bringing the event to life.

We begin by getting to know you, tracking your priorities, building a team of vendors and piecing together all the design details. From the registration table to lighting and sound, every element of your event is thoughtfully planned out and taken care of for you. 

This can be full service or a la carte. 

2/ Project Management

This is for the team that has an in-house team to manage logistics but - for a variety of reasons - needs a project manager to oversee the all the moving pieces, manage the budget and track the timeline.

Production & Project Management can be a part of a larger proposal or as a stand-alone consultation.

Day of Event Activation


On the day of your event, it's time for you + your team to shine.

It's your chance to focus on the goals you set and connect to your audience. It's not time for you to be hustling, managing vendors and feeling stressed out. 

We come in to manage the pieces and oversee the details of the event, so you don't have to - including:

Stage Management
Talent Management
Guest Management
Staff/Volunteer Management

Room Layout/Decor
Vendor Management
Load In/Strike

Day-of services can be a part of a larger proposal or as a stand-alone service.

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