We Design and Create Events, Experiences + Products
For Brands Doing Good in The World.

The mission of Amplify Productions is to create and promote more good in the world.

Our goal is to amplify the good others are doing, bring people together who are doing good so more good can be done, and - through the work we do and the example we lead with - generate a sense of wonder, creativity and optimism that inspires others to join in and do more good-making.

In sum, we like to amplify the good stuff.


P R O J E C T S   I N C L U D E


A B O U T   H E A T H E R

Heather is the creator of Amplify Productions, a creative experience design + event production company that provides creative conceptualization, design and execution of a range of experiences for organizations and companies that prioritize making a positive social-impact.

Deeply committed to the idea and real-time evolution of business as a force for good, Heather brings nearly 15 years of in-the-trenches experience in the social enterprise and impact space.

From 2005-2006 she led economic development projects in Guatemala that forged relationships between US-based companies and local artisans and farmers. In 2007, she founded the NYC Venture Philanthropy Fund, which gave angel funding and support to early stage social entrepreneurs. In 2011, she joined Roadmonkey as Director of Operations where she curated a portfolio of innovative adventure philanthropy expeditions for individuals and corporate teams.

Today, Heather combines a deep understanding of the social impact landscape, business and marketing know-how, and the creative and logistical production skills to artfully create experiences for audiences that are both engaging and beautiful while catalyzing positive change in the world.

Heather Rees  Founder | Lead Creator

Heather Rees
Founder | Lead Creator


A B O U T  A M P L I F Y   P R O D U C T I O N S

We design, plan and produce events and experiences.

We also dream up, collaborate with others, and try new things.

We like to ask how to create more connections between people and turn an event into an experience.

And, because it’s fun, we also share products to help others design, plan and produce their own experiences - or just feel good.

But if you’re looking for the history of Amplify Productions - it is the result of a winding road taken long ago without a destination in mind. Along the way, what stood punctuated against the usual and expected, the sometimes dismal and mundane, were the kind, thoughtful, good-doing people and experiences. It was also the interesting ones full of the unexpected and whimsy. The ones not worried with what was wrong so much as what they could do to create something good.

When it came time to start something of her own, Heather leaned into these memories and this history and all the experiences of people doing good and experiences that felt good and decided to jump in and join them.

We Amplify
of course,

This is the heart of Amplify Productions.

T H E   W E   O F   A M P L I F Y   P R O D U C T I O N S

It takes a village (we know).

Amplify Productions brings relationships with a range of professional partners and vendors - from content strategists and service-designers to performers, artists and reputable AV companies.

The size of the project and what you need determines your crew.

You bring the idea, we bring the village to get it done. 


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