I'm so glad you'll be a part of the dinner party! 

As this is an experience designed to connect with people on a human level - slowed down, no agenda - I thought it would be nice to start introducing you to fellow guests before you arrive. 

After our evening together, I'll share contact information (unless otherwise specified) so you can stay in touch with whomever you connected with. 



+ Attire//
Please dress like you're attending a cocktail or dinner party. It's fun. It's classy. And it adds to the ambiance for everyone else. 

+ Your Phone//
Studies have shown that even just the sight of a phone on a table or in somebody's hand changes the way people relate to one another.

When you arrive, you'll be asked to put your phone on mute and into a basket where it will be stored for the evening. This is for everyone's enjoyment and experience enhancement. 

If you have an emergency situation and need to keep your phone on please talk to me. If this is the case, we ask that you respect everyone's experience and check your phone in privacy (ie the bathroom).

+ Business Cards//
Please leave your profession at the door. 

This evening is not about doing business or networking (though this happens). This is an evening about human connection. 

Thank you.


Heather Rees

I founded Amplify Productions to make real my love of fostering human connection through experiences infused with values I live for - like intimacy, elegance and simple wonder.  

The (re)birth of The Invitation series is an extension of that. I wasn't seeing what I wanted in the world, so I decided to create it. 

More things I love: the Pacific Ocean – and any body of water, really. Skyscapes. Waking early with a pot of tea and my thoughts as company. Conversations that roost in the corners of not-often-talked-about-things. Moxy. Genuine laughter. A great toothbrush.



Rachel Maskell

Rachel is our talented and charismatic curator of conversation for the evening. She is a Story Alchemist and entrepreneur, and she'll help sculpt the experience at the table as we sit, eat and drink. 

Rachel believes stories have the power to transform and heal when given the right space and container. With the aid of her visually stunning Story Cards, we invite her to join us at the table and create such a space to tell our stories. 

More about Rachel here.




I am originally from Philadelphia and also lived in NYC before moving to LA 12 years ago. Living in Brentwood, I love being so close to the beach and enjoy the sun and fabulous weather in LA. Charlie, my dachshund rescue pooch, introduces me to neighbors and new friends each day. One of my passions is art and I am fortunate to serve as an Advisory Board Member for the Los Angeles Art Association, a non-profit that fosters artists in their careers. Meeting new people and having new adventures nurture my soul.


I am a ‘newbie’ to Los Angeles.  I’m from the Midwest and spent most of my early professional/adult life in Chicago.   I was called to LA because of my love for the outdoors, the ocean, the beach and Agape.  Until the moment when I pulled up stakes in Chicago, I followed every excuse to work, travel or take classes in California.  I am excited for new professional opportunities and to meet new people in LA and currently live on the Westside. 


Born and bred on the east coast and transplanted here over 25 years ago. A musician, writer and sportsman (Baseball's my game). I co-founded Club 42, a sports + entertainment youth-based nonprofit, and do a lot of behind the scenes work for one of the world's most influential and iconic music legends. In my free time I'm recording a new album of original work and paddle board and surf in Santa Monica. 


Born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, I’m a professional Intuitive Business Advisor and Healing Practitioner, as well as the founder & executive director of SYRV [makegoodhappen], providing clean water access to developing countries. Spent 20 years in marketing for lifestyle brands in the action sports, fashion, and travel industries. Currently living in Bali, Indonesia and Santa Monica, CA, I’m an outdoor enthusiast who loves anything to do with a bonfire, camping, s'mores or snowboarding.


At the moment, an explorer, dot connector, creator. Love nothing more than coming together with other great people and creating something new. Currently discovering and exploring who I really am. Growing and thriving into that new uncomfortable spot. And loving the journey - maybe, for the first time ever.


I’m of Indian origin, so multicultural, multilingual and a multi-tasker ( the last one has nothing to do with my being from India). I’m mostly happy and content with life in general, I like to see the silver lining in every situation. I love a good adrenaline rush, love to play/watch sports, adventure and enjoy cuisine (I will try anything edible).