Providing the strategy and design that delights + inspires audiences of social impact companies and do-good organizations.

Amplify Design transforms your ideas + goals into an experience that engages audiences and inspires excitement and loyalty.

In this evolving economy with savvy consumers who crave authentic experiences, it’s critical to be thoughtful about the strategy and design of the experience you’re giving them.

This is what we do.

S e r v i c e s

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event strategy + design is
part subtle art,
part deft skill,
applied just right.

Using your goals as our guide, we map the Guest Experience from first contact all the way through to the final thank-you email. The difference is an elegant, effective event that maximizes time, flows easily and leaves everyone energized and excited for the time spent together.


We Design Using:

The Event-Story Arc
Guest Experience Map
Emotional Mapping
360 Guest Experience
Full Sensory


For Events Like These:


Hybrid Events

Planning Sessions

M e t h o d o l o g y

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No matter the industry, no matter the event, we’ve seen again and again that great design comes down to a few key actions done well. These are the cornerstones of Amplify D e s i g n | C o n s u l t i n g.



A b o u t

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led by experience design expert, heather rees, Amplify design is founded on 15 years of design, development and strategic planning in the social-impact space.

We are a motley of talented strategists, communication specialists, design-experts, creative-professionals and innovative, edge-seeking thinkers and doers with BAs, MAs, MScs, MFAs, MBAs and other acronym-inspired education credentials. We live as close by as Santa Monica and as far afield as Estonia.

When you work with Amplify Design, you’re working with skilled professionals, creatives + deep industry experience - and the unquantifiable je ne sais quoi (or magic, if you please) that keeps clients coming back.

Together, we can design anything.

C l i e n t s

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Amplify Productions has provided strategy and design for innovative brands, movers + shakers and organizations injecting a lot of good into the world.


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