A M P L I F Y i n g   H U M A N   C O N N E C T I O N

This is done by infusing good stuff into experiences. Things like,
 beauty | intimacy | inspiration | integrity | wonder


C L I E N T S   I N C L U D E


A B O U T   H E A T H E R

Heather has been a part of designing, planning and executing a range of experiences, from sold-out galas in Beverly Hills and multi-day conferences in Washington, DC to executive parties in NYC and one-of-a-kind cultural events in Los Angeles. 

She started Amplify Productions to create what she wanted more of: Experiences designed to be both fun and beautiful while inspiring positive change in the world.

Nickname: Grace Under Fire. 

Heather Rees  Founder | Principal

Heather Rees
Founder | Principal


T H E   S K I N N Y   O N   A M P L I F Y   P R O D U C T I O N S

In the bursting experience economy, we swim in a veritable sea of events and immersive experiences - some obvious (conferences, festivals, concerts, galas) and many that are designed to bleed into everyday life, like a visit to an Ikea store.

All are driven by formulaic checklists and technology, which increase efficiency and ease of implementation: Venue, check. Linens, check. Registration software, check. 

You go. It looks beautiful. The space is well appointed. Things are efficient.

But you leave feeling, 'meh'. 


In the frenzied rush of event planning, many forget to consider the power and importance of human connection.

T H E   W E   O F   A M P L I F Y   P R O D U C T I O N S

It takes a village (we know).

Amplify Productions brings relationships with a range of professional partners and vendors - from content strategists and project managers to florists and reputable AV companies. The size of the project and what you need determines the crew.

Whatever the experience we're working on together, you can rest assured that the details are taken care by a collaborative team of experts.

You bring the idea, we bring the village to get it done. 


W H A T   M A K E S   A M P L I F Y   D I F F E R E N T

Amplify Productions uses the checklists, templates and best practices that are the backbone of every well planned event. That's a given. 

What's different is the time and creativity put into giving an audience a meaningful, textured experience that ignites emotional response and creates memories. 

Abundant time is reserved for every client and project to deliver a stellar result. 

We value quality over quantity. 

Well run - yes.

Good looking - yes.

Plus the old-fashioned value of genuine human connection - oh, yes. 

That's the difference. 



T H E   A S S I G N M E N T 

It's not just a bunch of spreadsheets and planning documents.

To create experiences that amplify human connection, a whole lot of time is spent watching how people behave.

Then, I ask questions and listen.

I research and read and think.

Together, we imagine, what's possible.

And then I get to work making experiences infused with details that bring people together and fall in love with life all over again. 


V a l u e   S e t

These values guide every project, tying us to a purpose greater than profit alone.

They are what Amplify Productions is built on and determines who I work with and why.

They are the north star. 

north star gold.png

cultivating BEAUTY
in attitude, action and design

encouraging INTIMACY
with each other and all things

from the sharing of ideas + stories

reveling in WONDER
for the incredible world around us

by working with people and creating events
that represent + promote these values

And, always,
having FUN


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